17 Foodbanks helped

27th February 2017

celtic food drive Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up on the day to help at the Celtic collection and the subsequent sorting. Celtic fans were very generous enabling 17 foodbanks to take away at least half a tonne each. Fans also dug deep to fill the Celtic Foundation collecting cans. By the time the match started the food and toiletries had been gratefully received, photos had been taken, and vans were loading ready to drive off into the afternoon sunshine.
Tara Maguire ,the Glasgow NE Foodbank Coordinator said: “The response from Saturday has been amazing, thank you all so so much. Heartening to see so many coming together and also people from England, Germany & America contacting us to say well done ask how to start up something similar.
We will be buying in the usual items this week, if anyone didn’t manage along on Saturday, or can help us with any of them;

UHT Milk
UHT juice
Tinned Tomatoes.

celtic collection

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