About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

In response to a very real need within our local community, Calton Parkhead Church signed an agreement with Trussell Trust to operate Glasgow NE Foodbank .In July 2013, we held our first Board meeting with members from the church and the local area.
Three months later the church opened its doors three afternoons per week. . By mid 2014 we had organised 3 supermarket collections, received one (huge) collection from a Celtic game, opened 4 new centres, held 5 training sessions for new volunteers and started a part-time coordinator. The coordinator’s post was funded by the Celtic Foundation on a two year basis.
One of our first clients was a man who had lost everything – his business, his house, his family – he did not have enough to feed his two children when they came to his flat at the weekend. At one point he lived for over a week on a can of beans a day and had lost over two stones in weight. He got advice from the CAB adviser and came three times for a 3 days of food. The whole experience was a turning point in restoring his dignity and reviving hope. His is just one of the many human stories behind the headline : over 53.000 meals provided by Glasgow NE Foodbank.

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